Super proud that I won two awards at the AOP awards

What makes me really proud is that the work that was selected really reflects what I’m capable of [ 7 shots in total ]


Best in category for LIFE series for my series called SANDBANK


And Best In Category for this portrait called MARIA

[ a budget remake of the Sound Of Music ]


Also included in the AOP AWARDS book but not category winners are these two



How big is your imagination ?

Having kids is a constant reminder of the power of their imaginations.

They tell themselves stories lying in bed every night.

The games they play …the lies they tell.

It never ends Amazing.




I’m starting a project about the gap between what we hoped for ourselves and what we ended up with….the Reality Gap

I’ve always been fascinated by how we see ourselves. That ever changing landscape of hope, excitement fear and worry….. I’m particularly interested in that moment of realisation….of clarity, when we get a glimpse of the real us

This is the first. Clucky Chicken

But it’s the comedy of the environment that appeals to me not some deep desire to portray misery.


The Pool

There’s beauty in everything.

That’s clearer now than its ever been.

When my boys are older they’ll look back and wonder at how amazing they looked when they were 5 and 7

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