Struggling to take ‘Dad’ off caller ID when I call my mum/ mum calls me….seems like the final act of acceptance that he’s passed away

We found out that he was very ill and that treatment wasn’t recommended  last summer

From that point on I spent as much time as I could with dad

I watched him get weaker and weaker, I watched him struggle to understand and in the end I watched him die

DAD-iphone        Dad blog     Dad Dead crop


One comment

  1. Ian

    Hi Kelvin
    Just checking in with your site so this comment is a bit late. But your text above hit home. When we lost mum it took me years to to change ‘mum and dad’ on my phone to just ‘dad’ and when I did it was a really hard moment. A bit like I couldn’t buy a mother’s day card from the kids for my wife for the first year because…..well you know!
    I hope it’s getting easier to deal with and I wish you the best. Hope to see you before too long.

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