Start up Office Shoot

a few shots from a Getty shoot based on a small Start Up …Great location and brilliant cast2014_12_14_OFFICE GETTY5188 2014_12_14_OFFICE GETTY5481 2014_12_14_OFFICE GETTY5028 2014_12_14_OFFICE GETTY3975



they’re all around me, all I have to do is open my eyes and capture them

These are my boys doing their maths homework online in The Bush Hall Dining Rooms in Sheperds Bush earlier this afternoon







AOP Success !

Just found out that I have two images in this years AOP awards…. great news …amazing jury this year too

And to make it even better the two images selected by the AOP are two of my favourites….my dad and my son

Dad_final Finn_final



Struggling to take ‘Dad’ off caller ID when I call my mum/ mum calls me….seems like the final act of acceptance that he’s passed away

We found out that he was very ill and that treatment wasn’t recommended  last summer

From that point on I spent as much time as I could with dad

I watched him get weaker and weaker, I watched him struggle to understand and in the end I watched him die

DAD-iphone        Dad blog     Dad Dead crop